Long Term Benefits of a Short Sale Specialist

A short sale specialist is a trained professional who will aid you to sell your home short. Homeowners usually decide to sell their home short when they are trying to avoid foreclosure. The trick with this type of sale is that if your lending company approves it, you can sell your house for less than the payoff on the loan. This also means that all proceeds will go directly to the bank giving you the ability to avoid consequences and effects of foreclosure on your credit. Short sale enables you to keep the home out of foreclosure. If you have any doubts, you should hire a short specialist to explain you the whole process, help you go through the transaction and get a little bit of this stressful burden off your shoulders. Our advice is to always decide for a short sale if you think you are about to fall in foreclosure. It is hard to sell your home short by yourself, but with the help of an expert, nothing can go wrong.

Benefits of Hiring a Short Sale Agent


If you are interested in a short sale, it’s always better to seek assistance from an expert. A trained professional has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area, and he/she can easily handle negotiations with your lender. As you know, your lending company must approve the sale, so if you want to make sure you will be allowed to sell your home short, you should hire a professional. Since a short sale expert is trained to handle this kind of work and negotiations, you will probably get better rates and options. Many real estate companies are looking to buy discounted properties, and a short sale agent can easily connect you with prospective buyers and enable you to sell the house quickly.

Another reason to hire an expert to help you is the fact that although the transaction looks like a typical real estate transaction, the entire process before the sale involves various complexities that could quickly overwhelm you. An expert will ensure the process is handled efficiently and correctly and that nothing goes wrong. Besides this, a short sale specialist can offer you many other benefits, from convincing your lending company to short sale and listing to the house quickly, to connecting you with real estate companies and motivate the buyers with a good price. They can also negotiate instead of you with the bank and get better sale terms.

The financial damage you can get from foreclosure can aspect every aspect of your life and lead to irreparable damage. It is in your best interest to hire an expert, sell your house short and avoid foreclosure. You must protect your family and ensure you are treated fairly as a homeowner. Although the whole process may be emotionally hard and stressful for you and your family, short sale it is the best way to protect your financial stability, and hiring a specialist is the best way to get efficient and fast results.

Long Term Benefits of Professional Property Management

If you are a multiple property owner, you certainly have some difficulties managing them. If you want to rent one of your properties and provide yourself an additional source of income, you should consider hiring a professional property management company. It is not easy to be a landlord, especially if you spend a lot of time at work and if you have a lot of obligations. However, if you are willing to hand over your landlord duties to professionals, you can be at peace and be sure that your precious rentals are in the best possible hands. There is no need to manage your properties by yourself when you get high-quality assistance and ensure you have a steady profit every month. By having an expert real estate manager by your side, you will be able to save a lot of time and resources, and finally, relieve the burden of being a landlord off your shoulders. Read on to find out how a property manager can come to your assistance.

Services Provided By Property Managers

As we mentioned, these professionals will take over all your landlord duties, starting from advertising your property through conventional and online media, search for prospective tenants, managing tenants, taking care of your property by supervising it, taking care of repairs and maintenance, collecting rent, issuing deposits and notices and so on. To simplify their role – they will do everything that has to do with homeownership and they will timely and correctly run your property. So let’s take a closer look at the benefits provided by professional real estate management companies.

Higher-Quality Tenants

One of the biggest problems every landlord has is to find reliable tenants to occupy their home. Thanks to these property managers, you will never again have to worry about tenants not paying your rent or damaging your property. They will conduct a screening process that consists of checking rental history, credit score, the source of income, criminal records and many other factors that will determine if the applicants are reliable enough to occupy your home. They will even call their former landlords and ask for references. Finally, they will personally interview every candidate and submit you a report after finishing. You will just have to take a look at their records and make the final decision.

This way, you will always have your property occupied by best possible tenants and a steady source of monthly income. Residents found by a professional real estate manager will take care of your space properly, make their payments on time and keep all your furniture and valuables in top condition. Wicked people can sometimes fool new landlords, but property management experts have a vast experience sorting through applicants and they can’t be tricked. They will quickly notice any warning signs and red flags.

Another benefit of hiring professionals is that your rentals will have no or shorter vacancy cycles, meaning you will always make a profit for your properties. If you had troubles before to rent out your apartment or house, a property manager could help you by advertising it to the appropriate audience and attracting prospective renters. There is no need to go through all this hassle alone when you can get professional assistance and make property ownership a lot easier for you.

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