Cyprus Long Term Rental Property Advertising and Marketing Services For Villa and Apartment Owners

Property Advertising Services For Owners Lettings Agents Developers

Advertising and marketing your Cyprus Rental property on our Websites is easy. We offer two options, with a No commission option being our main customers choice.

No Commissions Package

  • Send us your best quality Images of your Cyprus property for rent, and we will upload them to our site or sites, along with the description of your Cyprus Property. Full contact details and Contact numbers can be added to your listing if required. Links to websites are not available sorry.
  • We have no limit on the amount of photos you can upload, although we suggest a maximum of 15.
  • Payment for your advert can be made by Paypal ,Bank Transfer, UK or Cyprus Bank account.
  • We are very experienced with Seo,and Social Media Platforms, so your Advert will be marketed on a selection of Portals ,Forums,Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, etc, for superb exposure, ensuring enquiries from potential tenants for your long term properties.
  • Once your Cyprus property advertisement is active on our sites, you will be contacted with the url and asked to review, with any changes available free of charge, and implemented within 12 hours.

Get ready for enquiries your listing will be live within 12 hours!

Extra Cyprus Property Marketing and Advertising services are available for Lettings Agents, Developers, with large Property portfolio's.

  • Featured listings on our home page
  • Customized Social Media Marketing, Blogs arranged, Twitter accounts Managed
  • Search Engine Optimization directed to your listings!


Monthly Advertising Plans Available For Property Agents


We can advertise your Cyprus rental properties on our monthly payment plan option. We will advertise and market All your Cyprus rental properties on our sites, and social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, etc, and every single enquiry is yours !  no fees, Commissions Due, so long has the Monthly Advertising fee is Made.This Advertising Option is ideal for Agents, and Property developers.

If you have questions, or just need Advertising marketing advice, for your Cyprus property in Cyprus. Or your  budget is limited do not hesitate to contact us, so we can tailor your Property marketing and advertising requirements.



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